Experience a sense of WELL-BEING radiating from the glow of our lamps.

Each one a NATURAL SCULPTURAL piece.

And, as in nature, ONE OF A KIND!  BEAUTIFUL! 


Salt lamps and tea light holders are for Indoor Use Only


"Pink Line"

4 - 6 kg lamps • cord & a 15w bulb included

Please note: with the natural salt lamps, we go by weight and not by measurement.

LED bulbs do not heat up the lamp and therefore it can not create the promised negative ions. Heartfeltliving® provides a 15w bulb to create the necessary heat.


7-10 kg lamps are in our sortiment • cord & a 15w bulb included

Please note: with the natural salt lamps, we go by weight and not by measurement.

The lamps with a bulb inside (not LED), when lit and warming up emit negative ions, which is a function of attracting humidity from the air, and then neutralizing the positive ions found in the air of our living spaces as well as generating additional negative ion content, a very healthy, invigorating condition by also purifying the air.


The colour of the lamp is pink, very soothing and with a calming effect on your nerves for relaxation.


The larger the HCS lamp's surface, the more negative ions can be thrown off.



Planet • cord & a 15w bulb included

Diameter: approx. 13 cm / 5.118"

Height: approx. 14 cm / 5.511"



Please note: Planet and White Globe may give off less of the negative ions as do the natural shaped ones and those with small rocks on top of the bulb due to machined.



Salt bowl, round • cord & a 15w bulb included

Diameter: 15.5 cm / 6.102"

Height: 10 cm / 3.937"




Salt bowl, square • cord & a 15w bulb included

Each side: 11.5 cm / 4.527"

Height: 7.5 cm / 2.952"




Classic "White Line" creation

An absolute beauty: "Globe", approx. Ø 13 cm / 5.118" • cord & a 15w bulb included

Height: appprox. 14 cm / 5.511"


The pure white quality of the WHITE LINE is extremely rare and must be mined and processed with great care. By their already very long experience, our supplier and Heartfeltliving® Health Products Inc. guarantee a cautious use of this extraordinary white Salt Crystals. When mining the pink Crystal Salt the workers carefully look out for the rare white quality. It is only the very pure and white quality that can be used for further processing and for the production of our high-quality WHITE LINE products.


Due to the extremely rare occurrence of white Crystal Salt it can also be regarded as a big rarity. It is this fine selected white Himalayan Crystal Salt, which gives the new WHITE LINE its exclusivity and particularity. Exceptional shine and elaborately manual labor reflect the elegant appearance of the new product line.


Our beautiful tea lights from the Himalayas, with the HIGHEST PURITY, offer a sense of BALANCE... 

Fill your space with the warm glow from these tea lights - CAPTIVATING! 


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