SOLE BATH and HIMALAYAN CRYSTAL                      SALT in the SAUNA

For a nice, relaxing bath we recommend the finer coarse Himalayan Crystal Salt and not the rocks which would need several hours to dissolve.


A “sole bath” rejuvenates the skin. It has been proven that sole baths can benefit

  • skin irritations
  • joint problems
  • rheumatism
  • female problems
  • children’s infections
  • immune system
  • body’s purification
  • soothes and softens skin


Due to a high bio energetic field, the “sole” bath is demanding on the circulatory system. Those who have heart trouble or any health problem, should consult a physician before having a “sole” bath. Please also note that this product does NOT substitute a visit to your physician or naturopathic doctor. It is not evaluated by FDA.


Take a handful of the Himalayan Crystal Bath Salt to start and increase over time. Take a bath for about 15 to 20 minutes, not more than once or twice per week. Do not use any chemical substances. After the bath, allow your skin to air dry. It is also recommended that you lie down for half an hour. For those who find the bath strong, use a lower salt amount in a foot bath for 15 to 20 minutes.


As the body’s own energy is more activated by a full moon, the body absorbs more minerals when taking a sole bath during this time. The bio energetic weak points are also harmonized in this period of time.


On the other hand, a new moon is the best time for cleansing the body as its capacity for detoxification is at its highest level.






For women, who suffer from yeast infections, unscented Himalayan Crystal Bath Salt may be beneficial.


PLEASE NOTE: it may help, no guarantee is given. Fill the bath up to 10 to 15 cm (4″ to 6″ ) with water. Place a handful of Himalayan Crystal Bath Salt into the water. Sit for 10 to 15 minutes.

Heartfeltliving® offers this high quality Himalayan Crystal Bath Salt, which is 100% pure with high bio energetic quality in four choices:


- plain

- with Lavender essential

- with Lemongrass essential

- with Eucalyptus Oil essential  

- blend with lavender, palmarosa, cedarwood and ylang ylang oils 


It contains all the trace elements and minerals, required by our body without any additives. Our products from Pakistan are purity tested by a Canadian laboratory.



 Bath Salt, plain


 A "sole bath" rejuvenates the skin. It has been proven that sole bath

 can benefit:




    Scented bath salts could cause some irritation on sensitive skin.    

    People with sensitive skin should try ALL scented bath salts on a    

    spot on the inside of the fore arm first.


    Bath Salt with Lavender Oil


    Hard time to fall asleep? A nice bath with lavender oil lulls you to




   Bath Salt with Lemon Grass Oil


   Stimulates you after a hard day at work.



        Bath Salt with Eucalyptus Oil


        Have a cold or feel one coming on? A warm bath with eucalyptus oil

        helps to open up the respiratory tracts and lets you breath and feel






    Bath Salt with Wildlflower Blend


    Let Spring come into your home spa!


    Blend: lavender, palmarosa, cedarwood and ylang ylang oils.



Taking a bath at FULL MOON the HCS nourishes the body




Taking a bath at NEW MOON the HCS detoxifies the body




HIMALAYAN CRYSTAL SALT IN THE                                   SAUNA

You have the brush, the towel – don’t forget the Himalayan crystal salt!


Fulfill your sauna experience with the Himalayan crystal salt.  Try it out and tell the difference!


Put 2 to 3 drops of the “sole” into your water bottle/glass to replenish salt and minerals which you are losing while being in the sauna.


The picture has been taken in the Sauna of the Shangri-La Hotel, Vancouver, BC, Canada.

Please note: the Himalayan crystal salts are not part of the sauna at SLV and are only used for photo purposes.




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If you would like to know more about the Himalayan Crystal Salt & its health benefits, then ask for our 29 pdf file essays.