Heartfeltliving® Health Products Inc is fully hearted behind spreading the word to the consumers about the health benefits of the unpolluted, unrefined and mineral rich salt from the Salt Range, approx. 200 km south from the foot of the Himalayan mountain chain, Pakistan.

To grow up with two handicapped brothers in the poor country of Hungary and then fleeing to Switzerland to a new culture and language at the age of 9 1/2, hearing and seeing my father searching for healing solutions, and this before the internet, I was aware of our mortality from a very young age.


Both my brothers left this ship, called earth, before they turned 20. For Duchenne's Muscular Dystrophy is still no cure available. Their passing guided me into a new world of spirituality and I started to dig as deep as I possibly could to discover more. I am still digging…

Not only did I grow spiritually but I also inherited the thirst for knowledge from my father for everything related to health and healthy life style. Passing on my knowledge became a passion which serves me well in my company which I founded in Spring 2003.


I hardly can believe that we are already celebrating our 15 years with the Himalayan crystal salt.

So often I get the question asked how it came about to start Heartfeltliving® with my teaching back ground, which is so far from the import business. Actually, it is not that far at all…

On one of my visits to Switzerland, from where I immigrated to Canada December 28, 1994, I was introduced to the Himalayan crystal salt, along with a book, by my daughter. After experiencing positive reactions such as not suffering from jet lag, cleared skin and a lot of energy, I knew that there is more behind this salt than just salt. On my way back home I read the whole book in the air plane and knew instantly that I won’t be able to use any other salt than the new discovered salt from the Salt Range, approx. 200 km south of the Himalayan Mountain chain in Pakistan.

Back home, my husband, whom I met in this beautiful country a year after my immigration, and I weren’t able to find this precious salt anywhere. It was totally unknown to anyone in the health food business. Well, I turned to the internet and found a supplier in the USA. After spending $93.75 CAN for 1 kg fine salt and 1 kg rocks to make the “sole” I knew that I had to do something about that. Who can pay this kind of money for salt? In Canada there was nobody out there importing it - yet… Once I quit my job, went to England to learn English at the age of almost 50 and changed a continent with two suit cases – now what would hold me back from importing this healthy salt? And here I am the founder, CEO and owner of Heartfeltliving® Health Products Inc. - and lovin' it! :-) 

Since I started importing and selling the Himalayan crystal salt, I learned a lot, good things and not so good things and made mistakes. I am very grateful for all those wonderful clients and consumers whose lovely emails, phone calls and testimonials encourage me and keep me going. There are also greediness out there which makes life difficult sometimes but the positive of the business, thank goodness, overweighs the negative one. :-)


I am also grateful for the support I receive from my husband who believes in me, for the support from my beloved daughter and of course in the healthy product I bring into our beautiful country which can benefit so many.

I know that it wasn’t a coincidence that I was thrown into this business. My passion for educating and helping others will help me to continue for many more years to come. I feel blessed.


On an other thought: changing life style to avoid diseases in old age, it is so important to educate ourselves. I newly discovered some books which made me speechless. We can take our health into our own hands with ocationally a visit to our phycisian. Most of it is up to us how we will get old. Some can be young at heart and health even at an age of over 70 and still running a successful business. It is possible. I am there...


The books below are available on amazon.ca and amazon.com.  


"Wheat Belly" and "Wheat Belly Cookbook" by William Davis, MD and "Grain Brain" by David Perlmutter, MD. Reading these two books and using the cookbook is a life-changing-experience. We have to help each other to get back onto the natural path, which was/is dragged into something far from nature...


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If you would like to know more about the Himalayan Crystal Salt & its health benefits, then ask for our 29 pdf file essays. rose@heartfeltliving.com